Central States VHF Society Conference
2024 Technical Program

Friday Luncheon Speaker:
"902 MHz EME Roving October 2023 - 27 States in 21 Days + WAS #1" -  Peter Van Horne, KA6U

Saturday Luncheon Speaker:
"A DXer's Gridpedition to EN67"  - Tom Vinson, NY0V

Presentations to expect:

(updated May 12, 2024)

“The Effects of Height and Local Terrain on 50 MHz Antenna Patterns”, by Gary Sutcliffe, W9XT

“The RMNoise Project--Using AI to Remove Noise From Weak Signals”, by Marshall Williams, K5QE and Randy Williams, K5RMN

“Advances in Analog RF: 1984-2024”, by Rick Campbell, KK7B

“IMD in Transmitter Circuits--From IF to PA”, by Tom Williams, WA1MBA

“The World Above 50 MHz”, by Jon Jones, N0JK

 “Tips and Techniques for Making the Most of 6m EME DX-peditions”, by Lance Collister, W7GJ

  “ARRL June VHF Contest - Deep Dive Analysis”, by Jim Wilson, K5ND

“Ping-Jockey and Meteor Scatter”, by Chris Cox, N0UK

 “50-ft Long 2 Meter Yagi: Lessons from Computer to Reality”, by Chuck Claver, NJ6D / N7KU

“VHF and Above Opportunities for Technicians”, by Trent Fleming, N4DTF

 “Understanding and Explanation of the Fresnel Zone”, by Lyle K. Ten Pas, WE9R

 “We Communicate by Ionospheric Reflection - Not Refraction”, by Mike Hasselbeck, WB2FKO

"Contesting with 10GHz (and other μW bands) in the Upper-Midwest.", by Jon Platt, W0ZQ

“QRP EME on 10 GHz”, by Barry Malowanchuk, VE4MA

“Revisiting 10 GHz Propagation Over Atmospheric Inland Seas”, by Ron Ochu, KO0Z