56th Conference Proceedings

New this year--full-color proceedings!  A few articles had graphs where color is key to viewing and understanding what the graphs are showing. Solution: full color!

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2024 proceedings cover
Check out these article titles!

A Modification for the DEMI 2.3 GHz Transverter to Add 2320 RX Capabilities by Charlie Betz, NØAKC

dvances in Analog RF: 1984-2024 by Rick Campbell, KK7B

PingJockey.net — 25 Years On by Chris Cox, NØUK, G4JEC

We Communicate by Ionospheric Reflection — Not Refraction by Mike Hasselbeck, WB2FKO

The Tandem Sampler at a Glance by Chuck MacCluer, W8MQW

QRP EME on 10 GHz by Barry Malowanchuk,VE4MA

Revisiting 10 GHz Propagation Over Atmospheric Inland Seas by Ron Ochu, KOØZ

BIRD 6154 Wattmeter Maintenance Notes by Dave Olean, K1WHS

The Effects of Height and Local Terrain on 50 MHz Antenna Patterns by Gary C. Sutcliffe, W9XT

Fresnel Zones Part I: Theory and Microwave Applications by Lyle K. Ten Pas, WE9R

Fresnel Zones Part II: Practical VHF Applications in Ham Radio by Lyle K. Ten Pas, WE9R

A DXer’s Gridpedition to EN67 by Tom Vinson, NYØV

10 MHz Reference with GPS Switch by Paul Wade, W1GHZ

Simple and Cheap Preamps by Paul Wade, W1GHZ

Very Low-Noise Unconditionally Stable MMIC Amplifiers for VHF & Up by Paul Wade W1GHZ

IMD in Transmitters by Tom Williams, WA1MBA

Guide to VHF Contesting by Jim Wilson, K5ND

Log -Checking Reports — VHF Contests and Digital Modes by Jim Wilson, K5ND

Index of Central States Proceedings by 1984-2024 by Rod Blocksome